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The World's Best Executive Health and Performance Improving Service - Guaranteed

About Us

World's Best Performance Optimization - Guaranteed

We exclusively work with alpha personalities desiring to optimize their performance as well as to both live longer and better.

Experienced Performance Optimizing Physician Researchers

We are clinical researchers (MD's and PhD's)  integrating data analytics with natural clinical interventions to optimize human performance and reverse disease.

A Personal Approach

We work with a very small number of clients in serious pursuit of the best they can be


Why We Are Different

     1. Alpha Optum is a medical research practice of licensed physicians in Minneapolis providing Executive Health to select "alpha" personality clients – typically:  professional/Olympic athletes and C- level business executives. 

2. Alpha Optum physicians practice to reverse chronic disease rather than to simply treat it. 

3. We at Alpha Optum integrate safe all natural interventions with data analytics to practice medicine as well as clinical research based on predictive modeling and refer to this as intelligent or smart Executive Health. 

4. We researched markers of chronic disease against natural interventions to reverse them for the past seven years. 

5. We utilize seven years of researching chronic disease and human performance to significantly improve in proportion the amount of chronic disease reversed and almost not at all when chronic disease is only treated and that aging slows and even reverses as measured by markers of biological aging. 

6. Our Alpha Optum physicians eradicate chronic disease within clients by making them smarter, stronger, faster and more productive as well as even more attractive. 

7. Our results reversing chronic disease earned our practice in 2016 a grant from the National Science Foundation. 

8. We are the only Executive Health service to have earned recognition from the National Science Foundation. 

9. We use safe MRI scans to effectively quantify, track and visualize for our clients existing markers of chronic disease in the form of visceral and pericardial fat as well as arterial obstruction including within the brain which all collectively cause chronic disease within the body and decreases human performance. 

10. We educate our clients how to reverse chronic disease and repeat their MRI measurements to demonstrate the effective reversal of their disease while they experience continuous improvement of performance.  

11. We are the only entity doing and providing this capability in the world. 

12. We are the only medical practice guaranteeing results to both reverse chronic disease and increase performance in the world.  


13. We at Aplha Optum operate by referral only from existing clients.  

2016 National Science Foundation Grant Recipient

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